Top 10 Home Improvement shows to binge-watch on IMDb

As people continue to spend more time in their homes, home improvement shows have gained popularity. From DIY projects to home renovations, these shows offer viewers tips and ideas on how to enhance their living spaces. IMDb has compiled a list of the top 10 home improvement shows that you can binge-watch.

1. Fixer Upper

Starring Chip and Joanna Gaines, Fixer Upper takes viewers on a journey of home renovation in Waco, Texas. The show provides insight into how old homes can be transformed into beautiful and functional living spaces. Fans of the show will appreciate the Gaines’ design style, which blends traditional and modern features.

2. Property Brothers

Twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott star in this show, where they help homeowners find their dream homes by renovating and designing properties. Property Brothers not only focuses on the aesthetic aspect of home renovation but also incorporates financial planning and budgeting.

3. Trading Spaces

Trading Spaces is a classic home renovation show from the early 2000s. The show involves two families swapping houses and redesigning a room in each other’s homes with the guidance of a professional designer. Trading Spaces is not just about home improvement, but also about the relationships between families and friends.

4. Love It or List It

Love It or List It is a show that offers a unique approach to home improvement. Homeowners must decide between renovating their current home or moving to a new one. Professional designer Hilary Farr redesigns their current home while a real estate agent helps them find a new one. The show offers viewers valuable insights into the pros and cons of renovating versus investing in a new property.

5. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is a show that focuses on helping families who have experienced challenging and often tragic circumstances. Host Ty Pennington and his team of contractors and designers work together to rebuild and redesign families’ homes. This show is not just about improving living spaces, but also about giving back and making a difference.

6. Restored

Restored is a show that showcases the beauty of old homes. Host Brett Waterman renovates different homes, preserving the history and character of each property. The show is perfect for viewers who appreciate unique and vintage design styles.

7. The Block

The Block is an Australian home renovation show that follows four teams of couples as they renovate apartments in a multi-story building. The couples compete for a cash prize, and each week, a team’s apartment is judged by expert judges. The show offers viewers a competitive and entertaining atmosphere while also providing valuable home renovation ideas.

8. This Old House

This Old House is a classic show that has been on air since 1979. The show follows a team of professionals as they tackle the renovation and restoration of old homes. This Old House offers viewers valuable insights into how to maintain and restore homes while preserving their architectural features and history.

9. Beach Flip

Beach Flip is a show that combines home renovation with a vacation-like atmosphere. Hosted by David Bromstad, the show follows four teams as they renovate beach houses and compete for a prize. The show offers viewers valuable insights into designing and decorating beach houses, making it perfect for those who live near the beach or enjoy vacationing in coastal areas.

10. Reno Rumble

Reno Rumble is another Australian home renovation show that offers a competitive element. The show involves two teams renovating houses on the same street and competing to add more value to each house. The show offers viewers ideas on how to add value to a home while showcasing unique Australian design styles.

In conclusion, home improvement shows offer viewers valuable insights into how to renovate and design their living spaces. IMDb’s top 10 list features a range of shows, each offering unique perspectives on home improvement. Whether you prefer classic or modern design styles, there is a show for everyone to binge-watch.