Home Renovations at Your Fingertips: Top Home Improvement Shows on Netflix!

Home renovations have rapidly become a popular trend, as more people are looking to make changes to their living spaces. Whether it’s making their homes more functional, aesthetically pleasing, or simply adding value to their property, there are endless possibilities when it comes to home improvement. Thanks to Netflix, audiences can now watch home improvement shows at their convenience, gather inspiration and ideas, while also learning about the latest trends and techniques in the field of home renovation.

Here are some of the top home improvement shows that you can stream on Netflix:

1. Queer Eye

Queer Eye is a highly popular Netflix series that premiered in 2018, featuring a group of talented individuals who transform people’s lives through home renovations. The show is centered around five gay men known as the “Fab Five” who help a person makeover their home, wardrobe, and self-confidence. The show promotes diversity, inclusivity, and self-care, making it an instant hit with viewers.

2. Property Brothers

For those looking for a mix of renovation and real estate, Property Brothers is the perfect show for you. This show follows twin brothers, Drew, and Jonathan Scott, as they help families renovate their homes, all while helping them find their dream home. The show features a range of renovation projects, from small, cosmetic upgrades to entire home overhauls.

3. The Great Interior Design Challenge

This British show inspires its viewers to be creative with their interior design choices. The Great Interior Design Challenge follows a group of amateur designers as they compete to win the ultimate prize, designing interiors for various properties across the UK. The show provides tips and tricks on designing on a budget while also incorporating style and functionality.

4. Restored

Restored is a series that features passionate and talented craftsmen who salvage old and unique homes, restoring them to their former glory while also adding modern twists. The show focuses on preserving each building’s original character while adding modern conveniences that fit the homeowner’s needs.

5. Love Your Garden

Love Your Garden is another British show that promotes eco-friendliness amid home renovation. The show focuses on transforming boring or under-utilized gardens into beautiful green spaces. The series features a charismatic host, Alan Titchmarsh, who leads the team of experts in transforming gardens into beautiful outdoor havens.

Overall, these shows offer a wealth of information and inspiration for those looking to make changes around their home. Additionally, the shows encourage the audience to be creative and to think outside the box when it comes to renovation ideas. Explore these shows, gather inspiration and embark on your own home renovation project. Happy streaming!