Different Types Of Garage Doors To Choose From

If you want your garage to look classy and modern you need to work on the garage door. Now there are currently many different types of garage doors to choose from and they all have a certain appeal. In this article, all the different types of garage doors are discussed.

Sectional Garage Doors

These are probably the most common type of garage doors in the United States. The garage door is made up of sections of panels that can be made with steel or aluminum. The door can be controlled with a wheel that set that pulls the panels up in a curved path when the garage needs to be opened. These type of garage doors are very low maintenance and feels nice to use.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

It is not that popular like sectional garage doors and is used mostly in the industrial areas. There is a drum where the whole garage door is rolled and wrapped up when the garage door is in a closed state. It can need repair often but is very stylish to use. For repairing the garage door opener you can look for any garage door opener repair services st Louis mo to find out all the best options for repairing the door opener.

Slide To The Side Garage Doors

The mechanism of how slide to the side garage doors work is almost like a normal door. When the door is opened the whole door is pushed to one side and it is pulled by a mechanical instrument that uses wheels to move. These doors are used in small spaces and are very convenient to use.

Slide Hinged Doors

They are like typical doors but are big and gigantic in sizes. They can be wooden made and huge in size. They do not have any automatic closing and opening features and the doors are opened and closed manually. They operate on a hinged frame and have been in demand recently for their classic looks and features.

Tilt Up And Over Garage Doors

These are classy garage doors that are not separated into different parts. Instead, only one part is made in these types of garage doors and when the door is needed to be opened the whole door is tilted upwards. It needs a huge ceiling space to operate. They are gigantic and can be seen in use in mansions and commercial areas.

Tilt Up And Over Retractable Garage Doors

These are same as the tilt-up and over garage doors except the doors are retractable. It needs more space to operate but don’t cover the front of the house making it a suitable choice for many people. Considering the various types of garage doors the choice can be a bit tricky. The factors that you can consider while choosing is how you want the look of your garage to be, how much low maintenance you want the door to be and also how much you are willing to pay for it.